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Room Service

Services for the Bar

The illy promises goes beyond the contents in the can, realized through the industry's most knowledgeable and passionate network of agents and technical advisors.


Their job is at once simple and complex: help the establishments that  serve illy realize the best possible quality in every cup.  Whether tailoring solutions for the distinct needs of a café or discussing exciting new menu offerings, the illy field team’s focus precisely mirrors that of its customers.


The stuff of great, lasting relationships.

In Thailand our dedicated technical team will ensure you are up and running everyday to serve your guests without a glinch, they also survey and rotates for check up of machines using illy coffee.


Our barista trainer is always up and around for quality control and on site quick training fresh up when an adjustment needs to be made ! 

Illy coffee showroom store Italasia Phuket
Services for the Bar
Illy coffee home Italasia Phuket
Illy coffee machine Y3.3 Italasia Phuket

Y3.3 Amalfi


unique, unmistakable,

exquisite, new collection

of coffee machine 2020. 

At Your Service

Tel: 076375.667  or  076367.638



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